What Can Flexion Distraction Treat?

Flexion-distraction is a chiropractic technique commonly used to treat various spinal conditions, particularly those affecting the lumbar spine region. Here are some of the conditions that flexion-distraction may be used to address:

It's important to note that while flexion-distraction can be effective for many individuals, its appropriateness depends on the specific diagnosis, the severity of the condition, and individual patient characteristics. Chiropractors and healthcare professionals typically thoroughly examine and assess before recommending flexion-distraction or any other treatment. As with any medical intervention, individuals must consult a qualified healthcare provider to determine the most suitable approach.

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How Flexion Distraction Works

Flexion-distraction is a chiropractic technique designed to address various spinal conditions, particularly those affecting the lower back. The treatment involves using a specialized table on which the patient lies face down. The chiropractor applies controlled and gentle traction to specific spine segments, creating a cyclical motion that flexes and distracts the vertebrae. This rhythmic movement is thought to promote spinal health by enhancing fluid exchange within the intervertebral discs, reducing pressure on spinal nerves, and stimulating the natural healing processes of the spine. The precision of flexion-distraction allows chiropractors to target specific spinal levels, making it a tailored and non-invasive option for conditions such as disc herniation, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. By promoting spinal mobility, alleviating pressure on nerves, and fostering a healing environment, flexion-distraction aims to provide pain relief and improve overall spinal function.

Patient receiving Flexion Distraction in Laurel, Bowie, Silver Spring, and Baltimore for pain relief

Flexion-distraction addresses disc herniation, sciatica, and spinal stenosis by applying segmental traction and unique cyclical motion. The technique seeks to decompress the spine, creating space between vertebrae and reducing pressure on spinal discs. This can relieve pain and improve mobility for individuals suffering from various spinal issues. The controlled stretching provided by flexion-distraction targets specific spinal conditions and contributes to muscle relaxation and enhanced blood flow, fostering a healing environment. With its non-invasive nature and adaptability to different spinal conditions, flexion-distraction is a chiropractic approach aimed at promoting spinal health and improving the overall well-being of individuals experiencing lower back problems.



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