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"I started my physical therapy in the 2nd week of January, 2 weeks after my back surgery involving 3 levels. I was referred to AllCare, a hidden gem. My first impression when I walked into their place of business was that it was very clean, the environment was conducive to healing and the staff was polite, caring and helpful. As I began to interact and work with various staff members it was evident how professional they were, they listened to my needs and addressed my concerns. In short, they were everything any patient would want-an advocate, someone who went beyond doing business; someone who supported you during the physical difficulties you were facing; someone who was 100% vested in your recovery and return back to normal or near normal given the extent of your injury. Best of all there were no long wait periods for your care. Most of my interaction and care fell to Dr. Abadom, after my initial evaluation. He provided me with good care and explained what he was doing and why. He also gave me an opportunity to ask questions or get clarification of what I did not understand. My care consisted of various types of physical therapy modalities such as back exercises, back traction, muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, adjustments and bike exercises-all geared to strengthen my back and lower limbs. I have 65% improvement in the 8 weeks I have been receiving care. I have since recommended this facility to my friends and cannot stop speaking about their service. Having your worries taken away from you and receiving care that is in keeping with the gold standard (what are the best practices) is what any person who is seeking physiotherapy and chiropractic care should seek to achieve. If that is the quality of care you want and think you deserve, and you live in MD in and around the Laurel area, then look no further because AllCare is the place to go. There is also another facility in Annapolis MD. I am totally satisfied."

- Beverly S.

"After two months of lower back pain I decided to find a chiropractor. After a few days of searching I decided on one that I felt had the right vibe and mindset. I arrived at this office after reviewing his website and blog on a health site. I went to his office and after a great conversation with Dr. Nou my choice was reinforced. With an affordable plan to get my back health up I begin the visits. After less than two weeks my lower back was virtually gone and I could move as I normally once did. Thanks Dr. Nou."

- Dasan B.

"Dear Dr. Nou, When I walked into your office I was in excruciating and becoming debilitating. Today after your prescribed treatment plan I feel whole again. The stretching exercises you prescribed have helped so much."


- Sincerely, Ron S.

"I was crooked and could hardly walk; after the first session and following Dr. Nou's instructions I was back in shape."

- Hector R.

"I had never been to a chiropractor before so obviously I had a lot of questions. I had also never experience low back pain before. But after just a few minutes talking to Dr. Nou, I got a good vibe that this was the right guy for me. He was extremely knowledgeable and also very up-front and down to earth with the plan of treatment he envisioned for me. After the very first session, I started feeling improvement in my back and a reduction of pain. After 3 sessions I felt almost no more pain and 100% reversal in my mental outlook towards my back. Dr. Nou's exercises have also been tremendously beneficial, and I know I'll use them long after my back pain has subsided."

- Dave Y.

"When I first came to you for back pain treatment, I had little hope that anyone could help me. My past experience with chiropractors had been disappointing. Happily I was surprised how quickly my back improved with your excellent treatment! I am pain-free now. Thank you for your friendly service of helping and caring."

- Susan B.

"Dr. Nou has worked wonders for me. After being in a lot of pain from a fall down some stairs, I am now pain-free. His treatments are thorough and I always feel so much better after visiting his office. I highly recommend him."

- Heidi M.

"I have been under chiropractic care since I was 25 years old and I am 86 now and have been healthy and don't take any medications or ever been sick. I know chiropractic treatments helped me stay this way. Dr. Nou has helped me to continue to stay healthy. I depended on chiropractic care wholeheartedly, I have tried other doctors but that didn't help"

- Opal K.

"I have to start with heart-felt Thank You! I came in desperate and in tears with pain in the neck and a headache that had grown and lasted more than two weeks. I was one step away from going to the emergency room. I was traveling and had to be ready for a major presentation(2 days) at a client in Virginia. I needed to be in complete control of my mental faculties but I was in so much pain I was about to be sick to my stomach…45 minutes after walking into Dr. Nou's office I walked out virtually pain-free. Tuesday came and the presentation was a supreme success! I had absolutely no pain. I was feeling relieved; extremely relaxed and very focused mentally. I was very alert and energetic but my energies were not scattered and I was emotionally calm and centered. I feel a little weird using that description but it is accurate. Thanks again" 

- Susana T.

"In 2007, I sustained an injury at work which resulted in a knee surgery (knee reconstruction). After the surgery, I began physical therapy and suddenly I experienced lower back pain and neck stiffness. I then contacted Dr. Nou's office and arranged an appointment. Whe I arrived to the office, he conducted an initial consultation and just by looking at me, he knew what was wrong with me. He then began to work with me and the results were fantastic. As a Law Enforcement Officer I not only need my knee but also my lower back to be pain free and flexible. I don't regret the moment I picked up the phone and called Dr. Nou, it has mad a world of difference. Thanks"

- Jose E.

"I came to Dr. Nou after having been involved in a car accident that left me with severe headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain and stiffness in my lower back. Dr Nou carefully evaluated my injuries and set me on a course of treatment that has left me pain free and feeling good about the future. Dr. Nou and his staff are kind and friendly professionals. His office is conveniently located and his hours are accommodating to working people. I believe in the power and therapeutic value of chiropractic care but realize that the practitioner has to be gifted as a healer. Dr. Nou exhibits that gift through his caring hands. Thanks Dr. Nou"

- Carolyn T.

"AllCare Chiropractic is an outstanding organization. The atmosphere is low key and friendly. Dr. Nou is a kind, caring, and gentle practitioner. His total commitment is to his patients. The office is run efficiently and you are always seen without delay. I had severe neck and right shoulder pain; my pain had been ongoing for approximately five weeks before I sought treatment. Within two weeks of beginning my regiment with Dr. Nou, I was pain free and able to move my neck, right arm and shoulder without any pain. I highly recommend his chiropractic care for anyone. When you begin treatment, you will immediately see results and feel like yourself again"

- Mary M., RN

"My visit was wonderful, I enjoyed coming here. Dr. Nou has done a wonderful job and I am now able to walk without a cane. That is the best thing that's happened to me!"

- Linda F.

"I came in with lots of pain and tension in my neck, shoulders, shoulder blade, and lower back. Dr. Nou's treatments and manner have been a tremendous help to me. I was beginning to think I'd have to learn to live with the pain and discomfort, but Dr. Nou is effective! He is a master at his craft and I am extremely grateful to be his patient!"

- Tenika L. 

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