Surprising Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You

Surprising Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You

Most people recognize physical therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for pain management and injury rehabilitation. However, you may not realize that licensed and trained physical therapists also can help treat various conditions. 

The physical therapists at AllCare Chiropractic offer personalized care as part of your overall wellness goals. Learn the surprising ways physical therapy can help you live life to the fullest.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy aims to minimize pain, boost mobility, and revitalize your body. Depending on your specific ailment or condition, you may need some combination of passive and active physical therapy to reach your goals. 

Your treatment plan may involve exercises or stretches but can also include manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and heat and ice therapy. 

Here are some ways physical therapy can improve wellness that may surprise you.

Diabetes management

If not properly managed, diabetes can lead to erratic blood sugar, numbness, and sensation problems. For some, diabetes can cause wounds in the feet and legs that don’t heal.

If you have diabetes, receiving physical therapy services may help control your blood sugar and increase blood flow to promote faster healing. 

Injury prevention

Physical therapy is often prescribed as part of injury rehabilitation. Unfortunately, you’re at higher risk for additional injury if you don’t heal fully after the first. 

Through exercise and stretching, you can improve the strength and flexibility of your joints and muscles, resulting in a reduced risk of recurring injury. 

Postpartum care

Your abdominal muscles may need a little help to bounce back after you give birth. With help from a physical therapist, you can better target your muscles, joints, and core to support your torso, back, and pelvic floor as part of your postpartum recovery

Improved balance

Balance issues become more common as we age, but they also may result from dizziness, vertigo, inner-ear infections, or other vestibular concerns. Physical therapists can help with specific exercises to improve coordination, reduce fall risk, and correct vestibular problems. 

Stroke rehabilitation

Physical therapy can be an integral part of the treatment and recovery process after you’ve had a stroke

In collaboration with your doctor, the licensed physical therapists at AllCare Chiropractic recommend treatment based on your lifestyle, priorities, and personal preferences to help you regain your independence. 

If you’re looking to incorporate physical therapy as part of your overall wellness program, give AllCare Chiropractic a call today or schedule your free consultation with our convenient online booking tool

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