Stretches That Help Your Shoulder

Stretches That Help Your Shoulder

Shoulder pain usually worsens with activity, but slumping over your desk and phone for hours isn’t doing your shoulder any favors either.

Fortunately, drug-free relief for shoulder pain is possible. Below, the experts at AllCare Chiropractic suggest some basic stretches that can help realign your shoulders and address your pain. 

Shoulder pain 101

The causes of shoulder pain include injury, poor posture, repetitive motion, and osteoarthritis. To identify the cause of your pain, your physical therapist or chiropractor asks about your symptoms and relevant medical history before conducting an exam. 

In addition to pain, symptoms to watch for include:

Once your provider assesses your shoulder pain, they work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet your needs. This plan might include stretches, exercises, and physical therapy. 

How stretches can help shoulder pain

The experts at AllCare Chiropractic relieve shoulder pain using customized exercises, massages, and stretches that help restore proper posture, strength, and function.

Depending on the cause, most shoulder pain responds well to exercise and stretching thanks to increased blood flow.

Shoulder stretches

Stretching your shoulder muscles not only can help eliminate pain but also prevent further injury. Try the following stretches at home to increase mobility and strengthen your shoulder muscles. 

Shoulder rolls

Shoulder rolls are a great way to warm up and stretch your shoulder muscles with minimal effort. Keep your arms by your sides and your torso still while moving your shoulders up, back, down, forward, and up again in a circular motion.

Cross stretches

Cross stretches work your shoulders and your back. To complete this stretch, stand and lift one of your arms across your chest with your other hand gently holding your upper arm in place. Switch sides to work both shoulders. 

Pendulum swings

Pendulum swings are perfect to work on your range of motion. Stand or sit with your feet shoulder-width apart, lean forward, and place one hand on your knee, table, or chair for support. 

Dangle your free arm and swing it back and forth and in and out like a pendulum. If your pain is bearable, you can go deeper with this stretch by moving your arm slowly in small circles. Repeat with the other arm.

It’s important that you check with your provider before starting any exercise regimen. They can help you with the details of your program — how often to stretch, for example.

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, the experts at AllCare Chiropractic can help guide you with stretches and other drug-free pain management techniques. To schedule your shoulder pain consultation, call the office nearest you or book your appointment online today.

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