Pregnant? You Should Get Regular Chiropractic Care

Pregnant? You Should Get Regular Chiropractic Care

If you’re pregnant, severe back and pelvic pain have the potential to disrupt your daily routine. Fortunately, there are alternative therapies that are safe and effective in managing some of pregnancy's most problematic side effects.

Regular chiropractic care visits during your pregnancy can reduce your back and pelvic pain, improve your mobility, and even help your labor and delivery go more smoothly. 

Here, the experts at AllCare Chiropractic discuss how regular chiropractic care can help you navigate this exciting but often uncomfortable time.

Pregnancy side effects 

As your baby grows, your pelvis extends to make room, potentially causing pain and discomfort throughout your body. 

Pregnancy-related pain is experienced by most pregnant women to some extent. This is partly due to weight gain, loosening joints, cramped organs, and shifting abdominal muscles as your uterus continues expanding. 

If you weren’t pregnant, you might simply take over-the-counter pain relievers. Medical research indicates, however, that some pain medication may prove harmful if ingested while pregnant. 

Thankfully, drug-free therapies such as chiropractic care offer alternatives to traditional pain relief methods. Chiropractic treatment at AllCare Chiropractic can help alleviate the most challenging side effects of pregnancy, including:

What to expect at your appointment

During your appointment, your chiropractor reviews your health history and symptoms to rule out other possible causes for your pregnancy side effects. They may also conduct safe and simple tests to assess the severity of your pain as well as your flexibility, mobility, and strength. 

Upon completing your initial assessment, your AllCare Chiropractic provider works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to address your symptoms safely and effectively. 

How chiropractic care can help

It’s always best to check with your primary doctor before beginning any treatment program, but finding a chiropractor experienced in treating pregnant women is essential. The skilled team at AllCare Chiropractic specializes in working with pregnant women. 

We offer various therapies to ease muscle and joint pain throughout the body (using specialized equipment to assure safety), such as:

In addition to pain relief throughout your pregnancy, we can recommend safe and effective exercises and stretches to help prepare for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery.

If you’re expecting or in postpartum recovery and are experiencing pain or discomfort, drug-free solutions are available. Give us a call or book your appointment online today to discuss your treatment options.

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