How Physical Therapy Works for Pain Relief

How Physical Therapy Works for Pain Relief

Physical therapy is part of a comprehensive injury recovery plan. But what about the pain that occurs with aging? Or physical therapy for injury prevention? AllCare Chiropractic uses physical therapy to minimize pain and increase your range of motion while bolstering overall wellness.

Learn how physical therapy can get you back to normal from our physical therapy experts.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy involves hands-on care and patient education from a licensed physical therapist. Physical therapists can manage or eliminate acute and chronic pain with prescribed, careful movements. 

Types of pain

Acute pain is caused by an injury or accident. When the tissue nearest the damage is irritated from movement or touch, you may experience excruciating pain in or around the injury site.

If the discomfort doesn’t resolve within three months, you may have chronic pain that requires a thorough exam to determine. Chronic pain is unpredictable and may come and go on its own. 

Frequently associated with autoimmune disorders, aging, or past trauma, chronic pain is unlikely the result of a recent injury. Your physical therapist may conduct in-depth testing to identify your injured tissue and the root cause of your pain and suffering. 

Pain relief with physical therapy

Although physical therapy can’t heal pain from every injury or chronic condition, its track record is solid.

Studies show significant relief of back pain through physical therapy. Specific therapies can decrease associated inflammation, muscle spasms, stabbing, and aching that come with your acute or chronic pain. Your treatment plan may include:

Physical therapy does have other uses. Try physical therapy, for example, if you’re an active adult looking to prevent injury. Whatever your reason, your physical therapist works with you to create an effective treatment plan that meets your needs. 

What to expect at your appointment

At your appointment, you work directly with one of AllCare Chiropractic’s experienced staff members. After an initial consultation and assessment, your physical therapist gently guides you through a series of exercises and stretches or other therapies as directed.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may start light and work your way to more strenuous activities. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions to give your body the best chance to recover.

Physical therapy is a beneficial, drug-free way to avoid surgery for acute and chronic pain. With help from licensed and trained physical therapists, your pain may improve significantly.

If you’d like to see if physical therapy can work for you, call AllCare Chiropractic or use the online scheduling tool today.

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