Diagnosing Your Neck Pain

Did you know that at any given time, 10%-20% of people in the United States are experiencing neck pain? With so many possible causes for neck pain, determining the root cause can prove challenging. 

At AllCare Chiropractic, with three Maryland locations, our chiropractors are dedicated to offering you the best pain relief treatments available, even in these difficult times. We’re open and are adhering to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for the safety of our patients and staff.

Neck pain is a common condition among our patients, so let us help you find relief with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. 

When you need to see us for your neck pain

Neck pain is considered serious when it won’t go away or fails to improve after several days. It’s also serious when the pain worsens when you hold your head in one place for a prolonged period of time, like when you’re driving or working on the computer.

You may want to see us if the muscles in your neck tighten and spasm, or if a stiff neck is making it difficult for you to move your head. Some people who suffer from neck pain may experience headaches or even migraines.

You definitely should schedule an appointment if your neck pain is so severe that it’s causing nerve problems, like numbness, weakness, or tingling, or if it shoots down your arms or legs. 

Causes of neck pain

A variety of conditions can cause neck pain, including:

Muscle strains

Your neck pain can be caused simply by overuse. Have you spent too many hours hunched over your computer or looking at your phone? Something simple, like reading in bed or grinding your teeth, can also cause a muscle strain.

Nerve compression

More seriously, your neck pain could be a sign of nerve damage or compression. This can be caused by a herniated disc or bone spurs in the vertebrae of your neck placing pressure on your spinal cord.


Your neck pain could be caused by an auto injury, a fall, or some other kind of accident. With some injuries, you may need emergency medical care right away. In many cases, for instance with whiplash, you may not realize the extent of your injuries for a few days. Failure to seek treatment could lead to long-term problems.


Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, or cancer can lead to neck pain.

Neck pain can be an indicator of a serious illness or injury, so you should get it checked out to be on the safe side. 

Diagnosis and treatment 

When you come in for your exam, we’ll want to know when your neck pain started and how long it’s persisted. We’ll also ask about any additional symptoms you’re experiencing and perform a thorough physical exam.

We may also run tests, like an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI, to see if the problem is caused by a physical issue with your cartilage or bones. We may also use blood tests to see if your neck pain is caused by an illness.

Depending on the source of your neck pain, we may suggest chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy to treat the root cause. 

To learn more about how we can diagnose and treat your neck pain, call us today at one of our three convenient locations in Bowie, Laurel, and Annapolis, Maryland, or schedule an appointment on our website.

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