Diagnosing and Treating Neck Pain

Diagnosing and Treating Neck Pain

Waking up with neck pain happens to everyone at one point or another. And it can make performing daily activities intolerable. For most people, neck pain resolves on its own. Others may need medical intervention, and that starts with a proper diagnosis. 

If you’re struggling with neck pain and weighing your options for treatment, the team at AllCare Chiropractic wants you to know how an early diagnosis can help put you on the path to healing. 

Causes of neck pain

The inner workings of your neck are more complex than you might think. Cushioned by discs, muscles, and tendons, your neck contains vertebrae that aid you in movement and support your head throughout the day. 

When your vertebrae shift or your neck tissues become strained or sprained, it can lead to debilitating pain. Common causes of neck pain include:

Poor posture, for example, using an improper ergonomic setup at your workstation, can also contribute to neck pain.

Other symptoms of a neck problem

In addition to pain, a neck injury or condition can cause additional symptoms, including: 

For most patients, pain and other symptoms cease on their own or with activity moderation and rest. If your symptoms worsen or don’t improve in a couple of weeks, consider getting a physical exam to determine the underlying cause of your chronic condition. 

Diagnosing neck pain

At your appointment, your chiropractor discusses your medical history, including any recent injuries. They ask about the type of pain you’re having and if it intensifies as a result of specific movements. They carefully check for muscle weakness, tenderness, and numbness.

If necessary, you may undergo further testing, such as an X-ray or CT scan. 

Treatment for neck pain

For stubborn neck pain, an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan can bring relief quickly and effectively. Your treatment plan could include a combination of the following:

If you’re trying to cope with neck pain to no avail, AllCare Chiropractic can help. Our chiropractic adjustments can significantly reduce the pain and inflammation associated with pinched nerves and spinal misalignment.

For an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of your neck pain, give us a call today to schedule your consultation or book your visit online.

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