Common Causes of Migraines

If you often experience debilitating migraines, know that you’re not alone. Migraines are common: An estimated 39 million Americans suffer from the condition. The good news is that we know a lot about migraines, including what commonly causes them as well as some helpful remedies.

At AllCare Chiropractic, with three locations in Maryland, our team is dedicated to providing you with a full range of chiropractic care to help you find relief from your pain. Here we share some of the most common causes of migraines

Migraines: The symptoms

A migraine is a headache so severe that you feel, in addition to pain, often debilitating symptoms like:

Migraine symptoms sometimes are so severe that they make it difficult for you to carry on with your day, or even go outside. Migraines that are severe enough can lead to mood disorders like depression and anxiety. 

Migraines: Common causes

A migraine causes changes in your brainstem that influence your major pain pathway, triggering headaches and lowering your tolerance for them. Migraines can also cause chemical imbalances in your brain, lowering your serotonin levels.

While migraines have many causes, some of the more common ones include:


What you eat and drink may lack many key vitamins and minerals, leaving you nutritionally deficient. When your diet is poor, your overall health is affected and your risk of developing a migraine increases. 

You can develop a migraine if your diet is high in processed foods, as well as foods that are high in sodium or sugar. Caffeine and alcohol are also migraine triggers.

Hormonal changes 

Women going through hormonal changes are particularly susceptible to migraines. This can happen at any phase in life, including puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

Because women go through so many stages that involve hormonal fluctuations, they’re 2-3 times more likely to develop migraines than men. 

Sleep disorders

Both too little or too much sleep can cause migraines. In turn, you can even develop a sleep disorder, like insomnia, from your migraines. In fact, the American Migraine Foundation reports that those with migraines are 2-8 times more likely to develop a sleep disorder. 

Other common causes of migraines include things you can control, like stress and dehydration, and things you can’t, like genetics and the weather.

How we treat migraines

At AllCare Chiropractic, we offer a variety of natural treatment options to help you reduce the severity and frequency of your migraines, including chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling, and physical therapy.

We can help you identify what’s causing your migraines and how to manage them. To learn more, call us at one of our three convenient locations in Bowie, Laurel, and Annapolis, Maryland, or make an appointment right on our website today.

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