Can Physical Therapy Prevent Injuries?

You may not think of physical therapy as part of a preventive health care regimen, but physical therapy can do much more than treat acute injuries after the fact. Discover how physical therapy at AllCare Chiropractic can thwart injuries before they happen. 

Boost your athletic longevity

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be at risk for injury, but most athletes have experienced an injury at one point or another.

A physical therapist can evaluate your form or movement and guide you through personalized warmup techniques, such as riding a bike, that can help improve your athletic performance while decreasing the risk of future damage. 

Help with your daily routine

Simple, seemingly low-risk activities, such as typing, cleaning, or sitting at your desk, can cause debilitating and long-lasting injuries due to the poor posture and repetitive motions that people generally use for these activities.

With physical therapy, you learn how proper posture and wrist placement can help prevent injuries. 

Strengthen your muscles

Your muscles help you accomplish everything from chewing to picking up a pen. But overused muscles leave you open to injury. Fortunately, strength training doesn’t require hours at the gym. With physical therapy, you can strengthen muscles with basic exercises and stretches.

Increase your mobility

Your range of motion may decrease as you get older, making it challenging to accomplish the most basic tasks. Personalized treatment plans and stretching techniques increase your mobility, allowing you to continue doing the everyday activities and hobbies that you love. 

Improve your balance

Some health conditions increase your risk of injury or falls, including stroke or Parkinson’s disease. Age is also a contributing factor to falls. To preempt such mishaps, your physical therapist works with you on your unique areas of concern to improve your stability and balance.

Prevent recurring injuries

Injuries are more likely to recur if you’ve suffered one in the past. With the assistance of physical therapy, you can strengthen the area previously injured to help block a repeat of the damage. 

Manage chronic pain

Chronic pain can leave you prone to injury. You may overcompensate for your pain by, for instance, favoring one arm over the other. Physical therapy can help you build strength and minimize pain with tailored pain management strategies. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to prevent an injury from occurring. If you would like to incorporate physical therapy as part of your healthy lifestyle, schedule a consultation with one of our providers.

To make your appointment, call the AllCare Chiropractic office nearest you or book using our convenient online tool today. 

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