5 Migraine Treatments to Consider

Are migraines stopping you from living your best life? The experts at AllCare Chiropractic want to get you back on the path to health. If frequent migraines are bringing your life to a screeching halt, here are five treatment options to help. 

Migraine or headache?

Regular headaches are often confused for migraines based on severity alone. However, headaches are accompanied by other symptoms or illnesses such as a fever or the common cold. Migraines are associated with symptoms such as:

Migraine triggers

The official cause of migraine headaches is unknown, but there are known triggers to watch out for. Keeping a journal could help. Tracking your daily activities, diet, and symptoms can help you pinpoint specific triggers so that you can better avoid them in the future.

 Migraine triggers include:

Migraine treatment

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for migraines. Most treatment options involve pain management. A more comprehensive treatment plan can reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines. Here are five drug-free migraine treatment options for you to consider. 

Massage therapy

Lymphatic system blockage increases the likelihood of frequent migraines. Fortunately, studies show lymphatic drainage and massage therapy work to decrease migraine pain and associated symptoms. Reach out to a licensed massage therapist who specializes in lymphatic massage. 

Chiropractic care

After an injury to your neck or head, migraines are more likely. Chiropractic care and spinal manipulation can help. Book an appointment at our clinic for more on how we can help

Stress relief

Migraines are thought to be associated with stress in some way. To help offset this, learn techniques to help you breathe and relax. Between chiropractic care and physical therapy, our team can work with you to formulate a plan. 

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) 

EMS can help with migraine pain by generating electrical pulses that stimulate sensory nerves under your skin’s surface.

Dietary changes

Too much or too little caffeine than your body is used to can trigger migraine headaches. If you make changes to your diet, such as swapping coffee or caffeinated soda for water, you can reduce the persistence of your migraines. Work with a dietitian for more nutritional suggestions. 

Don’t let migraines run your life. Take the first step to stop debilitating migraines in their tracks and schedule your appointment online or give us a call today.

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